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Renee Beyda has been creating art her entire life. Whether it was on clothing, canvas, or paper, she has let her creativity lead the way. Renee believes that there is force in the universe  responsible for the myriad of flowers, animals, faces and all that exists. When she sets to create, she relaxes and trusts in this energy to guide her mind and motions. She often says, "I just tap into the flow." 

The inspiration for her images comes from her fascination with people and their unique characteristics. Renee often remarks that she will never ever get over how many people there are in the world and how each has a life and story. Renee is also inspired by personalities and the range of emotions that both plague and bring joy to each of us. Her lines speak of sadness, longing, hesitation, and trepidation, as well as joy, love, fun and flirtation. 

Behind her depictions of people are playful backgrounds. These patterns are reminiscent of Renee's experience designing textiles, which was once a facet of her freelance work. Her refined sense of composition and ability to balance and celebrate color are skills that were further developed during the many years she spent painting on clothing. Working with the structures of the garments, fabric paints, and embellishments, Renee composed hundreds of one-of-a-kind designs which she sold to various upscale boutiques in her hometown in New Jersey and SOHO, NY. 

Over the last couple years, Renee has resurged her abstract portraits, allowing them to make their debuts on social media. Many of her sketches and final pieces are done with one continuous line. The ability to form an entire picture with just one line is something that fascinates viewers over and over again as they watch her draw. 

Today Renee works with clients who commission her to make special pieces that resemble someone special or groupings of people and continues to create her spontaneous art as well. 

Renee Beyda graduated from New York University in 1988 as an art major and philosophy minor. Since, she has taken a variety of supplemental classes to hone her skills. She is a wife, mother of three, writer, tweeter, and an active community member. Renee donates 10% of all earnings to charity.